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New Mexico

Not worth the price.

Posted: 882 days ago

I've been receiving their boxes for about six months now hoping one will give me the reason to stay. Some months you get cooking goodies and I don't know why. I didn't sign up to get kitchen wear. I signed up to make sewing crafts. I'll price every box to nationwide fabric stores and can spend less money driving to get the supplies. Not to mention the projects are always so easy! Give us a pattern to challenge us! Like I can sew a straight line for days. Anyone can. I started sewing about three months (shorter time then how long I've had these boxes) and I can already make full blown outfits. I literally scrap your instructions and hold onto the fabric waiting till I find something online I'd like to do. I'm not creative so that's why I'm so disappointed in the pattern for each month. I pay you guys a lot to be creative for me and there hasn't been one month I got stoked. For $35 I want difficulty not so easy I can show a kid how to do it.

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Crafter's Dream Box

Reply from Crafter's Dream Box

Posted: 869 days ago

Hey Cort,
Thanks for your feedback, we're sorry that you were so unhappy with our boxes. As stated on our website this box is meant for beginners so we design our tutorials to allow them to easily follow along and create something they can be proud of while just starting out. That's great that you are able to make full blown outfits, but not everyone is at that level. That's the great thing about our box, you can receive the fabric and crafty items and still use them on other projects instead of the tutorial we include, you're not limited to making our project. We are a craft box, and yes there have been 2 months that you received "kitchen wear" which was a sewing machine cookie cutter and wooden utensils that went along with last months casserole carrier project. We thought it would be a fun addition to be able to paint your own utensils (which we included the paint and brush) to use with the casserole carrier that would be made. We're sorry that gave you the impression that we were stepping outside of our craft box persona. Thanks for your support and we wish you luck with all of your future projects!